Maritime law covers a broad range of matters, from marine insurance to ships and cargoes, from casualties at sea to major environmental claims by federal and state governments and individuals, from injury and death claims by seafarers, longshoremen and harbor workers to liability claims against watercraft operators.

MK&C attorneys can effectively and efficiently handle all types of marine insurance and admiralty matters. MK&C is a national law firm with experienced attorneys in close proximity to most ports in the Northeast, Florida, and California.  As a result, MK&C can quickly investigate the circumstances of a maritime incident and chart the proper course. And, with a broad knowledge of insurance coverage issues, MK&C offers a clear advantage to its clients. We can litigate or arbitrate the full spectrum of claims arising from insurance coverage disputes involving primary insurance, excess coverage and reinsurance. We handle the legal aspects of a variety of domestic maritime claims, including pollution and environmental damage, ship and cargo damage, bodily injury and death, loss and damage to goods during transportation and marine product liability with respect to both commercial and private vessels traveling on navigable waters and seas.   

Our attorneys have handled maritime cases in state and federal courts as well as arbitrations across the country. We are skilled in interpreting general maritime law as well as the provisions of applicable maritime statutes. Our expertise provides clients the comfort of knowing we can charter the rough waters of litigation no matter the issue presented.