I started working at McGivney, Kluger, Clark & Intoccia in 2003 in the Syracuse, NY office as a paralegal working on asbestos litigation matters. I’ve been privileged to work with an amazing number of people. What makes a good McGivney employee? A person who is a go getter, someone who is willing to do whatever needs to be done and can think outside the box to do it. Someone who, never says, “that’s not my job” when asked to take on a new task or pitch in when help is needed.

– Angela Frey

I joined the firm’s Florham Park, NJ office in 2016. From the outset I could tell that the firm cares about cultivating growth in young attorneys. Partners make every effort to support associates and give them the opportunity to become better writers and advocates. But what really makes this a good place to work is the people. The people at this firm are positive and friendly and care about both their work and the people they work with. Management endeavors to challenge employees to be the best they can be while also truly caring about your ability to have a healthy work-life balance.

– Derrick Grant

I joined the firm in the fall of 2015, and since that time have been impressed time and again by the firm’s flexibility and transparency with its employees. The firm approaches employee issues and concerns the same way that it approaches issues in a case – with deliberateness and care. Partners make every effort to let employees know what is expected of them as part of the team, but are also passionate about helping employees to actually meet those goals and expectations. As a result of this, McGivney, Kluger, Clark & Intoccia has been a spectacular place for me to grow as a professional, and challenges me daily to achieve at a higher level.

– Tom Emala

The main reason I chose to work and continue to work at McGivney, Kluger, Clark & Intoccia is hands down the people. I’ve worked for other firms and in other fields, and I’ve never worked with a more talented, conscientious, friendly and helpful group of people. When McGivney, Kluger, Clark & Intoccia says they have an open door policy they truly mean it. From the first day I started, I’ve been able to go to anyone and everyone with questions I had about the firm and practicing asbestos defense. Everyone was always willing to help and took time out of their busy day to sit down with me and help me with whatever questions or concerns I had. They helped me grow as an attorney and I now have the privilege of being able to help and answer questions for the newer attorneys at our firm.

– Pooja Patel